Addressing Men's Wellnes

SouthWest Urology is dedicated to providing men’s sexual health care to maintain a living a healthy lifestyle. Our team specializes in addressing all aspects of men’s health, particularly their sexual health.

We are able to address such issues as erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, male infertility, low testosterone and sexual rehabilitation following a prostatectomy. Many of these conditions are impacted by lifestyle choices such as diet, smoking and exercise. However, some conditions can signal greater health issues such as cardiovascular disease and that is why it is important to address some of these rather personal issues.


A vasectomy is a safe and effective means of birth control. At SouthWest Urology, it is one of the most commonly performed procedures done in our outpatient surgery center, taking only 15 to 20 minutes to perform. Patients are able to go home immediately after the procedure, and after a few days of light activity can resume a normal routine including sexual activity.

Erectile Dysfunction

As many as 30 million men experience erectile dysfunction (ED). It can impact adult men at any age and can develop gradually or occur suddenly. In most cases of ED, it can be contributed to or caused by smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate conditions, surgery and certain prescription medications. There is even research showing the link between ED and cardiovascular disease.

Testosterone Deficiency

Low testosterone or hypogonadism affects approximately 13 million American men. This condition often goes undiagnosed and is often thought of as part of aging. However, it is a condition that deserves serious attention with implications of osteoporosis, erectile dysfunction, infertility, and could be an early sign of the presence of testicular tumors. There are some symptoms that include a decline in sex drive, fatigue and loss of muscle strength. Men with this condition may even carry more weight at their waistline which may indicate a higher risk for diabetes and heart disease.

If you are experiencing men’s sexual health issues, give us a call today… we are here to help!

The Right Treatment Options

At SouthWest Urology, we offer a full range of diagnostic tests to determine the cause of ED. Our team of experts will offer lifestyle changes, medications, injections, vacuum devices and penile prosthesis as options for treating ED.