The Mission Of The Women's Connection

The goal of The Women's Connection is to increase community awareness of female urinary incontinence and disorders of the pelvic floor, and to establish these problems as real medical issues rather than accepting them as a normal part of the aging process. We aim to provide improved quality of life for females in all aspects of urologic health including physical, emotional/psychological, and sexual health. We strive to create an opportunity for women to be empowered and encouraged by each other, and by the successful treatment of a real widespread medical problem.

If your bladder or some other urological condition is holding you back from the things you love, the team at the Women’s Connection at SouthWest Urology are here to help you get your life back again.

Women’s Connection at SouthWest Urology

When conditions affect a woman’s health and quality of life, the experts at the Women’s Connection at SouthWest Urology have the advanced solutions needed to treat a wide variety of problems. Our specialists can diagnose and cure many common to advanced female urology problems while at the same time providing comprehensive medical management.

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